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What are My Options for Medical Insurance in Cuenca? 

Medical insurance in Cuenca isn’t an easy field to navigate. Many terminologies are challenging to understand such as deductibles, out of pocket, and terms. All policies are different as well, leaving many insurance purchasers confused about what they’re really buying or investing in. Fortunately, that’s where Insurance Consultants International can help. We’ve been assisting Florida residents for years when it comes to choosing the right policy for them. If you’re also considering purchasing a new medical insurance policy, one of our team members is ready to assist. When getting started, different medical insurances are suitable for various circumstances. 

The Three Types of Medical Insurance in Cuenca 

The most commonly bought insurances are those purchased for individual needs or family plans. There are varying factors that dictate how expensive a policy will be. For example, a policy for a sick child may be higher because of the many necessary hospital visits or procedures. A policy for a healthy, young adult, on the other hand, will be cheaper. Each insurance option comes with its own set of premiums, co-pays, deductibles, or out of pocket costs.   

Short-Term or Temporary Insurance 

While short-term insurance isn’t recommended nor is it frequently used, it is available. Whether the policyholder is looking for a month or 22 months, there’s an option for temporary coverage anywhere in between this time frame. Additionally, it’s only given to either United States citizens or to those whom are non-citizens residing in the States. 

Group Insurance 

Last, but certainly not least is group insurance. This is generally an option for small businesses or corporations who are looking to provide medical coverage for their employees. Some policies have more restrictions than others. There is also an option for international insurance for residents living overseas, or by individuals who are traveling.  

At Insurance Consultants International, we understand that insurance can be complex and complicated. However, we’ll stand by your side as we provide you with numerous solutions. Affordable medical insurance in Cuenca is possible, but it’s not a comfortable world to navigate. With experience, professionalism, and knowledge for all of your insurance needs, reach out to our team today at 954-414-9845. We’re ready to assist you in starting your application and providing you with a reasonable quote.

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