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Understanding the Many Medicare Options in Hollywood, Florida

Insurance can be a complicated conversation, as there are many different types, coverage options, and price ranges. One of the most popular is Medicare. Medicare options in Hollywood, Florida are vast. In total, there are four choices to choose from. Each comes with its own benefits and its own covered expenses. Like all insurances, it entirely depends on the person and their select needs.

A Breakdown of the Four Medicare Options in Hollywood, Florida  

Original Medicare 

Alternatively known as the fee-for-service program, this Medicare option is run through the government. It is the only Medicare option where one is paid directly, and there are certain limits on what one can and cannot be charged. It covers many of the basics such as hospice, nursing homes, and hospitals.  

Medicare Advantage Plan  

Unlike Original Medicare, the Medicare Advantage Plan is linked to private companies. It mixes Part A Medicare and Part B Medicare to gain coverage in areas such as outpatient visits, doctor visits, hospitals, nursing homes, surgeries, lab tests, and more.  

Medicare Supplement Plan  

Otherwise known as Medicare Part C, it is also linked to private companies. This insurance covers areas such as deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. Unfortunately, Original Medicare will not cover these; so adding Part C is beneficial to those who spend a lot of time in and out of doctor’s offices. Additionally, this is a plan that is not available to families but solely bought for individual use.

Part D Prescription Drug Plan 

Medication in the United States is pricey without insurance, making the Part D option relevant to those who need a lot of medication monthly. Like the Medicare Supplement Plan, it also helps cover copayments and deductibles.  

At Insurance Consultants International, we understand that there are plenty of Medicare options in Hollywood, Florida to choose from. Picking a plan that best works for you can be complicated, especially as plans are not always as clear as they should be. We represent various experienced carriers, and we work with our clients to provide advice in an otherwise complex field. If you’re looking for Medicare, don’t blindly choose. Instead, allow our team to assess your finances, current health, and preferences to help you pick a Medicare option that will serve you best. Call 954-414-9845 today! 

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