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It’s the end of summer and time to get back to taking care business with things like getting the best group insurance.  The best place to start is with a quote from Insurance Consultants International. When it comes to getting the best group insurance quote, with Insurance Consultants International you’re in good hands. Group insurance plans are good for covering the major areas of health, such as medical, dental and vision. In the process of searching for a group insurance policy that works for your employees and your business, you’ve probably been thinking about how to offer group health insurance that meets your employees’ needs without costing a fortune.  

Understanding the ins and out of health insurance can be tricky. What should you look for? What are the most important factors to finding the best group rate? How do you make changes? You may have questions about how recent health insurance laws will affect your business, what kinds of group health plans are available, or even how to go about applying for group health coverage. When you run a business, over time, you begin to see the people who work at your company not only as your employees, but also as part of a family.  

At Insurance Consultants International we understand that you want to take care of your employee family because you genuinely care for them and want them to do well and excel.   At Insurance Consultants International our motto is “We Treat Clients like Our Own Family” and our team of agents work closely with clients to make sure that they feel right at home.  Owner Gabriel Brakha incorporates a leadership philosophy that includes building a cohesive team of agents and establishing strong relationships with clients while maintaining high ethical standards.  

If you are anything like us, you know all too well the great value of your employees, as they are part of the foundation of your business and the steam that keeps the engine of your company running. It makes sense that you want to make sure they are healthy, happy and content working for your business. Some employers choose to offer health insurance coverage as a way to achieve the goal of successful healthy employees. When employees feel secure and covered, they are more likely to feel like a valued member of your company and to excel at their position.  

As an employer you want your team to feel valued, the same way you want someone in your family to feel cared for and appreciated. So don’t delay or put off something that could potentially differentiate you from your competition and set you apart from other employers, and competitors in your field. Your team of employees should feel delighted to work for you and your company, and proud to know that they have chosen an employer who is looking out for them.   

Getting The Best Group Insurance Quotes With Insurance Consultants 

As you begin your research about getting group insurance quotes it’s important to know in advance what to expect as you shop for benefit plans and compare your options to enroll your employees in group insuranceMany business owners find looking for group insurance quotes that work for their company and their team to be a bit of a hassle. There are so many different options available so it can be challenging to pinpoint which one will adapt and work for your team’s needs. Ultimately you will be looking for a policy that offers the optimal value and coverage. 

When it comes to health insurance for a group plan you should know that there are several types of health insurance plans for groups for you to choose from:  

  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) 
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) 
  • Point of Service (POS)  
  • Fee for Service (FFS) 
  • High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) 

It may make the most sense to go for a group plan that has less employer premium contributions. However, if you offer a plan that has a limited network of providersit may cost less but not include the hospitals or physicians that your employees like to visit. So how do you know that you are getting the best bang for your buck? Health insurance premiums are regulated by each state’s Department of Insurance, the premium an insurance company charges for group health plans must be the same regardless of whom you chose to go with for group insurance  

Come to The Local South Florida Experts at Insurance Consultants International 

Getting the best group insurance rate on your own can be overwhelming and lead to poor choices because of your lack of experienceHowever, by working with an expert agent at Insurance Consultants International, you will have a knowledgeable insurance consultant one hundred percent available as your guide to help you navigate the health insurance waters so that you can focus on you first priority which is running your company. 

For the best group insurance quotes, contact Insurance Consultants International, Inc.  When you are ready to take that next step into a much brighter and successful future for you, your company and your team, Insurance Consultants International has got you covered. You will work with a licensed agent who can offer a sense of security and experience that meets the state’s regulatory requirements to sell insurance products. Our team of experts has years of industry knowledge to help you understand all of the group health insurance terms and specific processes. 

The best part about Insurance Consultants International is that we are local  South Florida agents who can actually meet with you in person. Looking for the best group insurance quotes is much easier when you can get answers immediately rather than going back and forth through telephone calls and emails. We provide service for the South Florida cities of: Hollywood, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. Call (954) 414-9845, and get the Group Insurance Quote in South Florida today.