Medical Insurance In Hollywood, FL


At Insurance Consultants International, our goal is to help you lead a long healthy life. We are dedicated to providing Medical Insurance in Hollywood, and when looking after the well-being of our clients, we know the important role Health, plays as a part of that goal. Which is why we have designed a comprehensive set of Insurance Services to better assist our customers. As a part of our plans, we have included:

  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance

Each one is made to fit specific client needs. Health Insurance, for instance is paramount in any individual’s life. Life is an ever-changing road, and unfortunately within that path there are unexpected incidents that force us to have to visit a hospital due to an injury or life-threatening disease. And the last thing you’d want in a circumstance such as that one is to not have the coverage you need, and to carry with the burden of the medical expenses all on your own.

Disability Insurance Plan

As a part of our Health Insurance Plan, we have included a comprehensive Disability Insurance Service. Because we understand that when you go on disability, there are still many commitments that need to be taken care of. When you’re not able to work and lack the income to follow-up with those commitments due to your disability, that becomes and added stressor. Our Disability Insurance Plan is ready to take on that burden for you. As a part of this service, you will receive compensation to help cover fixed monthly expenses, such as car payments, student loans, rent, car insurance payments, etc. Our team at Insurance Consultants International is working hard to relieve you of that extra pressure.

As a part of the Health Insurance Plan, those looking for Medical Insurance in Hollywood can also count with:

  • Individual or Family Health Insurance Policies
  • Temporary Insurance “Short Term” Insurance
  • Group Insurance
We Know Life Insurance Isn’t An Easy Thing To Discuss, But We Are Here To Help

Nobody wants to have to think about what will happen once they’re no longer here. However, most people understand that it is important for their family and loved ones to be covered no matter what happens. As an added component to our Life Insurance Plan, we offer:

  • Term Life Insurance: which covers the person for a period of time. The concept behind this insurance plan is that by the time the insurance is no longer valid, the individual, typically the children of the deceased, who were meant to be covered will now be able to enter the work-force and become financially self-sufficient.
  • Universal Insurance: offers a different type of coverage. In essence, it is forever lasting. As it expires when the individual reaches the age of 121.

Long Term Care For Everyone

At its core Long-Term Care is meant to provide medical and non-medical care. It is for individuals who suffer from chronic illnesses or disabilities. If you or a loved one has experienced a recent car accident, a severely damaging slip and fall incident, or any other type of accident that might leave them unable to take care of themselves, Long Term Care is for you. Medical Insurance in Hollywood is ready to help you cover the costs that represent having to hire a nurse or a trained rehabilitation therapist.