Insurance Consultants International for World Cup Travel Abroad: Secure and Insured
Insurance Consultants International for World Cup Travel 

It’s less than four years away, and yet the next World Cup for 2022 is all systems ahead! Avid sports fans everywhere are always planning the major sporting events they want to attend- from local events to the World Cup or World Series.  Many sports fans will travel great distances just to see their favorite sports team or player have a shot at winning it all. Some sporting events, like the FIFA 2022 World Cup require a ticket application or ballot process that takes place months before the event itself., so you have plenty of time to prepare for necessities and insurance to make sure that you are covered in case of an emergency. 

If you plan on making an international trip to follow professional sports or sporting events, and especially to Qatar for the next World Cup, International Insurance Consultants wants to make sure that you can travel relaxed, secure and insured. 

It will be the first time that the World Cup will be hosted in the Middle East, and concerns about weather aren’t really the most prominent issues at hand. If it isn’t top priority on your list International Insurance Coverage believes it is of a major concern to all involved. There are over seven stadiums still currently under construction and expected to finish work by 2020.Brand new stadiums or any kind of new sports arena present its own sets of health, medical and wellbeing concerns. 

Travel Insurance, with Insurance Consultants International has strong coverage features such as: 
  • Protection for trip delay: while going to and through the airport to your scheduled departure is included 
  • Protection for missed connection: including Change of Itinerary / Missed Port of Call coverage for cruises and tours, even baggage protection 
  • Worldwide Trip Protector: Emergency Medical Expense, Travel Accident Protection 
  • Emergency Medical evacuation and Necessary Repatriation
  • Travel Assistance Services
  • Terrorism coverage
  • Several specific travel Insured options, like upgrades, Upgrade select a ‘Sports Coverage’ option, etc.
Insurance Advice on Travel Abroad to See The 2022 World Cup 

Does your medical insurance benefits here in the United States cover you for international travel? If not, Insurance Consultants International thinks it would be wise to invest in travel insurance that will give you the freedom to seek treatment of your choice, either doctors or hospitals and to increase your expenses coverage. Travel health insurance plans often also include things like trip cancellation, travel delay and baggage delay benefits, so it seems like a very easy decision to make. The important thing is to decide, now. But you don’t have to do it alone! 

The 2022 World Cup will be the first tournament not to take place in the summer months and will instead be held during the winter – November & December-to remain in- for Qatar’s cooler temperatures. These are high travel alert months in addition to being the holy days and holiday months for many. 

In addition, drinking in public in Qatar is a big ‘nono;’ in fact it is illegal, but their government has stated that alcohol consumption will be allowed in hotels and other “designated areas” such as fan parks. To say that soccer fans are ‘fond of drinking’ is an understatement!! This should be an interesting insurance situation as well.  

Which brings us to security: Hosting the 2022 World Cup in a small middle eastern country will pose security risks since there will be thousands of visitors in a relatively confined area. Qatar is a Muslim nation, so there are going to be a lot of cultural differences between visitors and residents. Politics and sports don’t need to mix, but unfortunately there’s no denying that the 21st century has seen some horrific attacks across the world, and it’s something to keep in mind. 

Travel Insurance for Fans Traveling to World Cup Soccer with Insurance Consultants International 

If you are planning an international trip, you should consider getting travel insurance to cover yourself against accidents or illness while you’re abroad. Even if you already have medical insurance it may not cover you when traveling outside the United States, or that coverage may not be enough. 

The U.S. State Dept. recommends that Americans headed overseas for events purchase insurance because Medicare and most U.S. health plans do not include coverage outside the U.S. Your primary international travel insurance need is for emergency medical expense, and emergency medical evacuation.  

The best part about working with our team at Insurance Consultants International is we offer free insurance quotes! Simply call our office at today or visit the Contact Us section of the website to fill out the easy to follow consultation request page. You will not regret working with a team of professionals like the ones here at Insurance Consultants International.  

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