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Insurance Consultants International has been insuring international and diplomatic America for years. Insurance for diplomats and foreign nationals provides medical insurance coverage to non-US citizens of any nation when visiting the United States as a short-term visitor or a new immigrant for a longer-term stay.

International diplomat insurance is ideal for visitors to the United States as well as permanent residents with different cards during their stay in America. There are numerous covered benefits, including health emergencies such as emergency room charges, accident injury, illness or sickness, doctor/lab charges, prescription drugs, travel assistance, and accidental death and dismemberment, repatriation of mortal remains, medical evacuation benefits, interruption of a trip, travel assistance services help and more!

Traveling abroad is always exciting, and living abroad- especially in the United States of America is a whole new level of adventure and experience. An expatriate is also called an expat, and it refers to a person who has left their homeland or country to live and work somewhere else. This transition to a new country, new ways of life and new medical availability come with many challenges. The first and most important challenge is in securing proper and adequate international insurance to cover you while you are in the U.S., and potentially for other countries you will be traveling to.

Travel insurance For Diplomatic America With Insurance Consultants International

Nationalized or government-sponsored health plans and health insurance rarely provide adequate medical coverage for injuries or illnesses which occur within the United States. Most travelers and visitors are unaware of how expensive medical care can be. Not to mention, that many U.S. facilities may not even recognize insurance provided by a “foreign” insurance company potentially denying services or demanding up-front payment for treatment.

So much can go wrong when traveling and visiting or living abroad. Medical emergencies, accidents, theft and even lost passports are common crises. Ultimately, the peace of mind that comes with our insurance policies will help you to focus on working with foreign affairs and important international and governmental policies, without worrying about the “what-ifs”.

Diplomatic visitors and foreign nationals specifically require expert assistance, as they are considered high profile clients and need confidentiality and security.
An insurance policy with Insurance Consultants International provides a point of contact that can fly into action to immediately, to initiate the claim and deliver the help needed. Reliable insurance coverage and communication goes a long way during accidents and emergencies. This aspect of our diplomatic and foreign nationals policies are arguably as valuable as financial coverage itself.

While the specifics of every policy differs based on the type of carrier you choose, your industry and where you are traveling and visiting, most policies provide coverage for things such as:

 Medical and security evacuation
 Foreign workers compensation
 Foreign general liability
 Travel assistance services
 Emergency sickness
 Emergency evacuation
 Medical expenses
 Emergency dental
 X-rays, labs, drugs, and medicines
 Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
 Accidental death and dismemberment
 Return of mortal remains
 For some even, kidnap, ransom and extortion

Insurance Consultants International has extensive experience with insurance solutions in the international market. We are able to offer quality, reliable, and complete insurance solutions for diplomats and foreign nationals in the U.S.

We offer free insurance quotes for diplomatic international insurance. Reach out to us today!