International Health Insurance

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International Health Insurance in Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca, Ecuador is attracting an increasing number of Americans—tourists, travelers, and retirees. The latter flock to the South American country for its inexpensive real estate, affordable health care, and year-round spring-like weather. Ecuador’s coastline offers one of the most affordable oceanfront retirement options in the world.

Scenic mountains surround Cuenca, and the city is walking-friendly. Delicious, exotic food fills the air of an area rich in architecture and history.

Americans are making history for themselves by moving to Cuena and opening businesses. Ecuador’s currency is the U.S. dollar, which makes many Americans feel right at home.

According to published reports, Cuenca conducted a census in 2017 that found its municipality alone was home to almost 10,000 foreign retirees, most of them Americans from Texas and Florida.

While Cuenca embraces its popularity, new rules for the country mandate that all travelers to Ecuador need proof of health insurance.

You can purchase international health insurance on a temporary or permanent basis. If you’re thinking about traveling to Cuenca or any part of Ecuador, you will want to have high-quality international health insurance in case you need medical treatment.

You may find the international insurance market difficult to navigate. If you have questions about health insurance coverage in Cuenca, Ecuador, contact Insurance Consultants International, Inc. Our experts represent life insurance companies with 100 years experience in Latin America and other regions. We can also help expatriates decide on the appropriate level of health care coverage based on their unique circumstances.

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