International Insurance: Immigrants, Expatriates, Foreign Nationals- No matter the name, you are covered!

Have you ever felt anxious or nervous about the unknown? Welcome to the club!

There are so many times in our lives where we may encounter a change that causes us to feel uncomfortable and uncertain of where we are going and how we are going to get through it. This feeling comes with the territory of change but sometimes we find ourselves surrounded with the right people to help us navigate our way through it.

If you have immigrated from one country to another and you are now in that feeling of the unknown, you are not alone. We here at, Insurance Consultants International WILL be those people there for YOU. We are sure that there are so many other things that you must worry about, and that each day is a new day with new concerns but for that reason, we want to help you. Among all your concerns, one thing you don’t want to worry about is health insurance. Every moment you walk around without insurance is another day that you are raising your debt because if something happens to you, you are the one who needs to pay medical bills that are through the roof expensive. In the insurance world, we say that if you have no health insurance then “you are your own insurance company” which in simple terms means, you are responsible for every payment. It does suck to hear that, but it is the truth.

There is this common misconception that immigrants or foreign nationals cannot get insurance especially if they are not documented citizens, but we are here to break that misconception! There are two different routes you can take when wanting to get insurance when you are an expatriate. Both routes can be a bit confusing if you are not sure of the products which is why we pride ourselves in taking our time to explain to you as best as we can so that you can feel comfortable with your future insurance. There are a lot of agencies who advertise types of International Insurance based off the commission they will earn and not based off the quality of the product and we apologize for their dishonesty to you. Health Insurance is something very important and when making the decision to get some, it needs to be the right one.

When we discuss your options of International Insurance, you will find that there are options for hospitals, checkups, dental, even medical evacuation! This will be designed to fit your specific needs and you will feel like the Insurance plan you chose is the one you took the time to learn. Too often we feel like we do not want to ask questions in fear of looking dumb so even if something is not sticking in our heads, we stay quiet and deal with it. It is important to know that just as it is bad to not have insurance, it is just as bad to have an insurance you do not know about. There are common questions to ask such as: What type of plan is it? What are your monthly premiums? What is your deductible and copayments? What does your plan cover? THESE are important questions that a lot of people are in the dark about, but we want to help you from being there. We are here for you and we will do our best to inform you about your options and your health insurance.

All in all, please know that you can and do deserve to have healthcare regardless if you are from a foreign country or not. You are not alone and remember there are options for you. We would love to give you the right experience and help you through your journey. Check out these sites to see your quotes:



More importantly, contact us for any questions or even to set up face to face meetings. Thank you for choosing Insurance Consultants International and remember that you are not alone.