International Insurance

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Our company has acquired a decade of experience working with well known international insurance companies. You can feel confident in our relationship with the international insurance carriers we represent. Brakha Insurance will guide you in purchasing the adequate coverage according to your needs and circumstances.

International health insurance is the ideal insurance for anyone going abroad who needs medical and health coverage, especially if you will be away from your home country for a period of more than 12 months or if you will be living abroad permanently. Whether you are working overseas on a long term project or moving abroad permanently, we have an excellent selection of insurance plans that can meet your needs.

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International health insurance products can be purchased for a limited time period (temporary) or on a permanent basis. This insurance can have coverage world-wide and in the United States with certain limitations. If you plan to reside abroad for any length of time, you will want to make sure you invest in a high quality international health insurance in case something happens and you need to seek medical treatment. For some countries around the world, health insurance may also be a requirement of your visa and you may have to show proof of adequate international health insurance coverage in order to obtain and keep your visa.

Many clients residing outside the U.S. find their local life insurance to be extremely expensive. We represent life insurance companies with 100 years experience in Latin America and other regions.

U.S. carriers have limitations for residents living outside the US territory so make sure that you covered adequately.

We have extensive knowledge of the international insurance market and can provide options for you at no-charge and with no-obligation basis. The international insurance market can be complicated to navigate. We only work with well known, financially secure and reputable insurance companies headquartered in Europe or the United States. We can also help expatriates decide on the right amount of protection based on their unique circumstances. Not sure on the type and amount of coverage you need? Please contact us today.

Our agency’s founder has extensive experience with insurance solutions in the international market. So we are able are able to offer insurance solutions for foreign national in the US and for Latin America nationals living in their country.

If a foreign national from Brazil would like to be covered with hospitals in Sao Paolo and New York, it is possible to find that coverage. We also provide insurance solutions for foreign nationals coming to live in the USA.

The types of international insurance you may find the marketplace are:
  1. Permanent heath insurance in the US or Latin America
  2. Travel insurance
  3. Life insurance in Latin America

Each of those products is applicable to different circumstances. Permanent insurance will protect you anywhere in the world (USA included). Travel insurance may provide you additional coverage to the existing coverage in your country. Travel insurance may be used per demand or a one year policy in which you travel maximum one month every year.

Life insurance premium changes based on health, financial status and geographical location. Life insurance in Latin America can be expensive, but we represent international carriers that have competitive rates.