Obtain International Student Insurance

Is there anything more exciting than studying abroad? Being in a new country expands your horizons and brings new opportunities to your life. However, finding your way in a different country and a new culture, can be a little intimidating, especially when it comes to making decisions about crucial yet more complex things, such as health insurance. When you need the assistance of professionals who have been working in the health insurance industry, and can help you choose you the right international student insurance plan for you, contact Insurance Consultants International. 

When traveling abroad, it’s important to prepare a few things other than your suitcase. Doing your research about international student insurance, it’s a must. Think about it! Emergencies happen and it’s ideal that you’re as prepared as you possibly can, to handle them in the best way possible. If you get sick and need to visit a doctor, and maybe even have surgery, it’s important that you have a plan that covers that. You don’t want to start out by accumulating debt especially when you don’t have to. At Insurance Consultants International, we have created lasting relationships and partnerships with insurance companies in other countries, and can help set you up with the right company and the right plan, as well as excellent pharmacies. 

Sometimes while traveling, you may not speak the language of the country you’re visiting. What do you do then, if an emergency occurs or you have to go to the pharmacists to pick up some medicine, who do you ask for help? The great thing about having international student insurance, is that at Insurance Consultants International, our partnering insurance companies in other countries can provide you with a translator, that way you won’t have to worry or struggle when it comes to communicating important information such as doctor prescriptions to the pharmacist, or giving information to the medical staff. 

If you’re having a medical emergency, you may want to fly back home right away, in those instances, international student insurance can aid with medical evacuation. And that’s not all! In certain cases, the insurance company offers a plan that allows for family members to be flown to you.  

For additional information regarding international student insurance, contact Insurance Consultants International at (954) 414-9845. We can assist you in finding the right plan for you, when emergency strikes abroad, you want to be prepared. Our team is delighted to assist you in the process and we count with the knowledge and the expertise to point you and guide you through this important decision.