Supplemental Insurance

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The supplement insurance is unique concept of filling the gap with major medical expenses. Health Insurance definitely does not cover 100% with Dr. Visit, diagnostics and hospitalizations. These common examples may require a deductible to be paid to the client. What about if a client is hospitalized and the supplement pays several thousand dollars. Actually one of my clients called at pm to ask me why the carrier sent him a $2,000 check. This how we make a difference.

Time and money will be spent in case of cancer or critical illness. Health Insurance will pay for most of it but it can add up to $5,000 or $10,000 in deductibles. The supplement insurance pays you and the health insurance pay the dr. and hospital.

Supplement in insurance can be offered for individual and groups. The set up for group is done on a voluntary basis; employer may choose not to pay the premiums. It is a very strong tool to retain employees in the company.

Supplemental insurance is a different type of insurance. Supplemental insurance helps fill the gap of health insurance. It can help pay for deductibles and co-insurance. For instance, if you suffer a heart attack, stroke or cancer, then the policy will pay your out of pocket costs while you are sick.

There are many types of supplement insurance, such as:

  • Critical Illness
  • Cancer
  • Short Term Disability
  • Hospitalization

These products can be offered for individuals or groups. If your employer offers group supplement insurance, you can participate on a voluntary basis. For employers this product is a very strong tool to retain your employees. Most employees appreciate having the option of participating in a program that helps in the event of a hospitalization.

Our agency represents the top supplemental insurance companies and would be able to review options with you.