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Client Recommendations for Insurance Consultants International

“Gabriel is detail-oriented agent who takes the time to find out his prospects needs and budget.”

Todd Victor, Insurance Agent, Adcahb Medical Coverages

“Gabriel is a very capable and determined man walking on the road to SUCCESS. I know that he will achieve all that he endeavors.”

Zoe Masket, Independent Insurance Agent, Adcahb Medical Coverages

“Gabriel was very professional during the whole process of obtaining the health insurance. He always answer every question and try to resolve any issue that arise. I absolutly recommend him.”

Sabrina Ideses

“Gabriel is certainly one of the most professional Business Partners I was given to meet in my career. At the time he was working with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and we would communicate a lot on ways to enhance SME’s activities overseas. He has always demonstrated a great creativity followed by an impressive ability in implementing what had been decided. As a Business Partner these are the kind of qualities that made him a very reliable and efficient person. In a few words: a great expert and a very decent person.”

Simon Tobelem, Head of Corporate Finance, ISRAEL DISCOUNT BANK

“Gabriel is an absolute expert in his field. I have referred him to friends, coworkers and have used him myself. He has always done an exceptional job. My referrals have raved about his knowledge and trustworthiness. I highly recommend speaking to Gabriel about individual and group health plans.”

Tammy Sigal Wagner, Sr. Consultant, Velocity Processing

“Knowledgable and persistent!”

Jahongir M.

“Gabriel did an excellent job helping us understand the different health insurance plans offered to us, so we could select the one that suited us best. Very responsive, extensive knowledge of the products/services, quick turnaround. I highly recommend his services.”

Martin Vasilev

“Gabriel is a true expert in Health Insurance. I was caught between a rock and a hard place last year and Gabriel educated me on the different options available to me and those that would best benefit me given my lifestyle. It has been over a year since I first met with Gabriel and till this day, I receive a monthly phone call reminding me that he is available to answer any questions and to submit any outstanding claims. Thank you for making the decision process painless.”

Dayana Muzinek

“Gabriel help my family get health insurance at a great price. He was extremely thorough and knowledgable. I would recommend him highly to anyone who is in need of health insurance for themselves, their family or employees.”

Rene Curbelo

“Gabriel is a very knowledgeable Health Insurance Agent that takes the time to make sure his clients understand the Solution he is recommending. Excellent in follow-up. He is my Agent, and I highly recommend him.”

James Porath, Health Insurance Broker, CIGNA

“Within the multi-cultural context of the international MBA-study in Maastricht Gabriel was one of those that had good contacts with everybody. Besides being a disciplined student he was socially very active and much appreciated by his colleague students as well as by the professors.”

Ton Van Der Krabben, Consultant Trainer Entrepreneurship, Freelance – Nedworc Foundation

“It is with great pleasure that I can write a recommendation for Gabriel. Not only is he an expert in the insurance industry, but he exceeds the normal expectations for an insurance agent. Always willing to meet with me to suit my schedule, he listened attentively to my needs and provided me with the best options accordingly. He even found me a better plan a year later on and came back to change my plan to one with better coverage for less money (I was completely unaware of a better plan being available). In my book this shows that Gabriel is a man of integrity, and that’s why I will continue to use him.”

Simon Rimmington

“Gabriel made insurance easy. I received the coverage I needed and he calls me to get updates. I’d recommend to my family.”

Marcy Mock

“It is rare to come across a professional with such high integrity and level of personalized service like Gabriel. I recommend his service to anyone who comes my way, with the comfort of knowing he will take care of my clients better than anyone.
What amazes me most is that he would help a client or a friend with certain insurances or advice he does not profit from or has no interest of providing.”

Taly Dery

“Thank you for sharing your inspirational ideas, insights and entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, I appreciate your insurance advice.”

Marc Wexler

“Gabriel has helped us finding the right program for our insurance needs. He has been showing his expertise and knowledge in his work.”

Javier Malik

“Gabriel is an honorable person whom I have had the pleasure of working with. I highly recommend him”

Melinda Bernstein

“I am extremely thankful to Gabriel for his prompt, honest, and accurate advice regarding the extension of my former employee’s health insurance via Cobra. Because of his guidance on benefits to extend Cobra, I avoided a costly outpatient surgery. In addition, he explained to me how Obama’s premium coverage reduction program works and I went ahead and applied for it. Gabriel is very professional and very up to date as to the latest developments impacting his field. He has displayed integrity and provided honest advice and opinion taking into consideration my best interest.”

Sandra Loji

“Gabriel is always ready to help me with my questions or concerns about my bills.”

Uiane Lim

“Gabriel is an incredible fountain of information with respect to the insurance industry. He is able to find the best coverage and plan for people in practically any walk of life. At the same time, his integrity is such that he will not sell a policy that is not needed or not worth the value to the customer. He discloses all the fine print and puts the details of what a customer is buying in terms someone without the knowledge Gabriel has can understand. I would recommend Gabriel to anyone looking for insurance.”

Mauricio Sigal

“Gabriel is a wonderful person. He always looks out for what is best for his clients. He is a caring, thoughtful person. If you are in the market for health insurance and are tired of getting the run around from “sales” people call Gabriel for the personal touch he gives all his clients. You won’t be sorry.”

Donna Richards, Owner, Cruise Planners

“I recommend Gabriel to everyone. He knows what is doing and he knows how to do it professionally. He is the reflection of expertise in his field.”

David Schinasi

“Gabriel is an honest and reliable insurance agent. He reponds to my telephone calls within minutes and has always the right answer to my insurance needs. His customer service is the best in the industry. I recommend Gabriel very highly.”


“Gabriel is more than a Health insurance agent, he know what is Excellent Customer Service.”

Gabriel Mas

“Gabriel has been a great contact and trusted friend. His knowledge of health and life insurance is extensive. His ability to listen to what a client needs and put together the most cost effective care solution is why I continue to do business with him and refer him to my closest friends and family.”

Tamara Ullmann

“Gabriel helped me with his outstanding level of expertise in health insurance. I needed International Health coverage and he was able to put together an exceptional coverage optimizing costs without sacrificing coverage. When I engaged him to obtain a similar coverage for another member of the family I could witness that he has the ability to adapt existing plans from highly regarded international insurance providers to the specifics of each client. I strongly recommend him for his integrity and timely delivery.”

Eva Lamas

“Gabriel is highly professional in his work and always follows through. He is easy to work with due to his winning personality and sense of humor. He will find creative ways to satisfy customer requests. I recommend Gabriel as an agent to anyone needing insurance solutions!”

Andrea Wimpissinger

“I have been self-employed for 8 years and have tried many different health insurance companies and agents. My costs skyrocketed when I moved to Florida. Gabriel was the third agent I spoke to. He saved me more than $50 per month where the other agents said there was no chance. Gabriel made sure I had the coverage I wanted at a price I could afford. He also has supreme follow up and customer service.”

Rachel Katz

“Gabriel did a great job advising me and sourcing health insurance. His follow up was extraordinary. I had shopped around and went with him because of his great customer service and caring. Anyone can offer the same products and match pricing, but great service is hard to find and what matters most. I highly recommend Gabriel.”

Steve Levy

“I recently asked Gabriel to assist me with placing health insurance for a client of mine. Gabe got right on it, making sure the client got several options from which to choose, and made sure they had a complete understanding of each option. Gabe is very thorough and professional, and really knows his business.”

Lorin Montgomery

“I worked briefly with Gabriel while based in the Zurich offices in Miami. Gabriel was always very professional and diligent in carrying out his responsibilities. Unfortunately corporate restructuring did not allow Gabriel to achieve his potential though this was in no way a reflection of his capabilities – I would recommend Gabriel as a solid individual.”

Iain C. Nicholson, Sales & Development Director, Zurich International Life