Thousands of Spectators and Expats Will Arrive in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup

It’s an exciting time in the world of international travel with lots of intriguing events planned to hold a traveler’s interest. One of the highlights in the next few years will be the 2022 FIFA World Cup to be hosted for the very first time in the Middle East, in the cosmopolitan city of Qatar.  With the kick-off of the event set for November 21, visitors can expect the city of Qatar to be in full celebratory swing as ecstatic host to the most colossal soccer (football) event on the planet. The lucky visitors–athletes, expatriates and locals alike will be dazzled by the sleek contemporary arenas being constructed now. Khalifa International Stadium will be the first to be launched to accommodate over 40,000 spectators. And the seven more extraordinary stadiums that are currently under construction, will hold thousands upon thousands of eager spectators to the tune of $8-$10 billion. The internationally beloved event will bring together people from all from all over the world to enjoy this eagerly awaited competition. Amid all the stunning architecture, the monumental international competition is going to be nothing less than spectacular.  

Why Do I Need an International Health Insurance Policy to Attend the World Cup? 

With the thousands of athletes, visitors and expats converging on the city of Qatar in November 2022, there are bound to be health concerns especially when you travel anywhere out of the U.S. Certain countries may not have the same hygiene health and inoculation standards that we have in our country so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. When you travel internationally, you want to make sure that you invest in a high-quality international health insurance plan in case something happens and you need to seek medical treatment. Let’s face it, when you are traveling to an event the size of the World Cup, you are encountering people from all over the world and you never know what health issues you might come into contact with. Believe it or not there are certain countries where infectious diseases like cholera, malaria, typhoid, small pox and the plague still exist. Private hospitals in foreign cities can be very costly, so, you want to make sure that you’re prepared to handle any health crisis that might crop up, just in case. At Insurance Consultants International, we are a boutique agency that can offer you customized attention and many affordable options to choose from the highest quality international carriers. You can feel confident knowing that we will guarantee that you are properly covered when traveling abroad, especially if you are an expatriate. We are well-equipped to help you decide on the right amount of protection based on your unique set of circumstances. 

Where Can I Find the Best International Health Insurance Plan for Me? 

Our extensive knowledge of the international market makes us partially well-equipped to offer you the proper insurance for your circumstance depending on your length of stay. Whether you are a citizen, visitor or expatriate, we can customize a plan especially for you. For more information about quality, affordable international insurance options from Insurance Consultants International, contact our expert team who specialize in the international insurance market and can guide you through the process every step of the way.  We can also help with other insurance products that you may need in your travels. Please visit our website at or call our offices at (954) 414-9845 to get started!