Travel Insurance Options for Retirees

If you’re a United States citizen who is retired or thinking about retiring, one of your dreams might be to travel abroad. Some choose to travel to one country at a time, while others might take a year off to travel the world to visit culturally rich locationsYou might choose to explore the world by plane, train or ship. But while the exploration of different countries for months on end seems adventurous and exciting, certain health risks in some of your destinations may be a factor that you didn’t even realize or think to plan for.  

When traveling outside of the country, it is important to understand that hygiene and medical facilities may not follow the same standard as those in the United Statesand certain diseases like cholera, typhoid, and malaria may be a present threatExposure to these diseases could leave you ill, especially if you have a health condition which compromises your immune system. It stands to reason that all international travelers should carry travel insurance, one that covers emergency medical services overseas as well as for other unexpected occurrences like lost luggage, unexpected trip cancellations or even stolen property. How often do we hear about lost luggage at airports and ship terminals? And trip cancellation is more frequent when weather conditions interfering with cruises or flights. 

At Insurance Consultants International, our extensive knowledge of the international market makes us well-equipped to offer you the proper insurance for any circumstance depending on your length of stay. Whether you are a citizen, visitor or expatriate, we can customize a plan that is perfect for you and your family. 

Often, we don’t think about the many scenarios that might occur when we set out to travel. We get swept up in the excitement of it all and don’t want to think about anything negative that might jeopardize it. But sometimes, with a little forethought and ingenuity, you can protect yourself from losing money if a flight is cancelled or you can get the care you desperately need in a medical emergency.  

What are some other reasons why it is wise to purchase travel insurance? 

  • Death in the family – you may suddenly have to cancel your trip to Europe. Wouldn’t it be awful if you lost all your money? With the protection of international insurance, now you won’t have to. 
  • Major Weather Threats – Hurricane Dorian is only the first major storm to threaten the East coast and the Caribbean. With hurricane season stretching toward the end of the year, don’t leave your travel plans up to chanceInternational travel insurance can help assure that some, if not all of your money is refunded. 
  • You fall ill – Sick from the food you’ve eaten in a foreign country? Then you’ll want the best medical treatment you can find and at Insurance International Consultants, we have a range of products that provide the best emergency care protection while you are traveling abroad. 
  • Terrorist threat to the country – a bomb just went off in a bank at your destination and now your trip is cancelled. Is your money refunded with international travel insurance? Yes! 

For more information about quality, affordable travel insurance options from Insurance Consultants International, contact our expert team who specialize in the international insurance market and can guide you through the process. Call our offices at (954) 414-9845 for a free consultation!