Vacationing Abroad: Five Things to Do Before Take Off

Travelling abroad for the summer is the ultimate dream! Whether you’re planning to lounge on a stunning beach in the Caribbean, backpack across Europe, or explore the natural wonders of South America or Africa, summer is the most popular time to travel and see the world. If you’re planning to be one of the millions of people traveling outside of your home country this year, be sure to add these five things to your to-do list before taking off! 

Tip #1: Securing Your Home and Belongings 

An unattended home can be an easy target for home invaders. Don’t spend your days on the beach or exploring the highlands worried about if your home is being vandalized or burgled. Before you leave for your flight, be sure you have these safety measures in place: 

  • Lock doors and windows. Don’t make it easy for people looking to victimize you. Double check that everything is locked and secured before you leave. 
  • Activate your security system. If you have a home security system, this is the time to be sure to use it. If not, consider investing in one. Even beyond your return, the extra layer of security can deter would be burglars. Be sure to notify your monitoring service of your travel plans so they know how to respond to any disturbances. 
  • Designate a friend to check in. Having someone you trust check in on your house throughout your time away can help put your mind at ease. Consider hiring a house sitter to look after pets, plants, and make sure your home doesn’t attract too much unwanted attention. 

Tip #2: Passports, Itinerary, and Confirmations 

The last thing you want to happen is to make it all the way to the airport or to your destination only to find you’ve forgotten some vital bit of information. Check your passport to make sure it’s still valid and give yourself enough time to replace it if necessary. It may also be a good idea to have a second passport at home just in case you lose yours during your travels. You should also print physical copies of your itinerary and any confirmations for car rentals, hotel reservations, and other important documents in case you need them. Wi-Fi may not be dependable in your destination, so don’t rely on access to your email. 

Tip #3: Vaccinations 

Protecting your health while traveling the world is important! Vaccinations against diseases and viruses that may be more common in your destination country help to protect you and your family as well as native populations. Schedule an exam with your primary physician before you embark to get cleared to travel and update your vaccinations. Some countries may require proof of vaccinations in order to gain entry.  

Tip #4: Travel Insurance 

You can never be too prepared for the unexpected, especially when so far from home. Travel insurance can help protect you in case of illness or injury while traveling outside of the country. International insurance options provide the same level of coverage as domestic insurance, letting you enjoy your trip with the security of knowing you’re covered. 

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Tip #5: Check Travel Advisory 

Stay informed about changing conditions that may affect your travel plans. Travel advisories are formal communications from governing parties to inform travelers about the relative safety of visiting specific regions or countries. Most advisories use an easy to understand coding system ranging from blue (no extra precautions necessary) to red (do not travel). Reasons for status change can vary from imminent natural disasters to widespread illness or social unrest. Check them regularly to be sure you and your travel mates are safe to move forward with your plans.  

Safe travels! We can’t wait to see what adventure lies ahead.