When is There is a Need for Health Insurance Abroad?

It’s unnerving for the average U.S. citizen to be traveling to a country like India or Africa and to suddenly fall ill, let alone be a diplomat traveling all over the world for months at a time without proper health insurance coverage. It could be something you ate the night before that didn’t agree, or a fever that suddenly came on without warning. Let’s face it, it could be a number of things and it’s more common than you think to become ill in a foreign country. Ever hear of Montezuma’s Revenge? Sometimes, just drinking the local water can make us sick. And what if you have to be taken to a hospital that doesn’t have the available medications that you need or it is exorbitantly expensive? What if you’re taken to a medical facility that is ill equipped to help you? Most of the time it’s not a problem and the condition aren’t serious. And most major cities have advanced medical facilities, but they can be expensive and as an American in a foreign land you don’t want to play around—so you’ll pay whatever the price to cure what ails you.   

What to Do if You’re a Diplomat 

If you’re a diplomat who often travels long distances from home for long stretches of time, you know that getting proper medical assistance can be tricky and is not always available. In a time when infectious diseases are on the rise even in the U.S., you’ll want to be prepared with international health insurance just in case you contract something that you didn’t count on. For non-US citizens, Government or nationally sponsored health plans rarely provide adequate medical coverage for illnesses or injuries sustained while traveling from your home country. For US citizens, most health insurance companies are PPOs that do not extent their insurance to cover international travel and as is expected, Medicare provides no coverage outside of the US. At Insurance International Consultants, we specialize in providing foreign nationals and diplomats with superior insurance coverage in the U.S. and abroad. So, you can be covered by your insurance in Latin America and the United States at the same time. It’s something we do and do well.  

Why Do I Need an International Health Insurance Policy? 

When you’re a Diplomat living outside the U.S., health insurance can be quite expensive and often not adequate enough or up to our American standards. That’s why at Insurance International Consultants, we work with the highest quality international insurers offering many insurance products that can be customized to your individual situation. Let’s face it, if you’re a Diplomat sent to a third world country on official business, you don’t want to be caught without adequate health coverage. A hospital in a third world nation may be adequate at best, so if you become ill, you’ll want to be taken to a medical facility where you know you’ll get the best treatment possible. What’s more, without international insurance, the care can be costly. That’s why you’ll need a policy that is affordable and that can meet your specific needs. So, call us today at (954) 414-9845 to speak with one of our insurance specialists, or visit our informative website at www.insuranceagenthollywoodflorida.comThere you will find a host of high-quality insurance products for Diplomats and anyone traveling abroad. We also offer travel insurance in case a trip gets cancelled due to turbulent weather. Don’t get caught without the proper coverage! Call Insurance Consultants International today!