Who Should Get International Health Insurance?

The freedom and ability to travel the world in a moment’s notice is still a fairly modern luxury. Just 60 years ago commercial flights were a luxury rather than a common means of navigating the world. With modern advancements making the world more accessible than ever, millions of Americans fly internationally each year. As such, protecting yourself while out of the country is important. International health insurance can help to give you greater peace of mind while abroad, especially for people who are outside of the United States for long periods of time. If you fall into any of the following categories, contact Insurance Consultants International for more information about international health insurance. 

Who Should Get International Health Insurance? 

Anyone who is planning to travel outside of the United States should consider getting healthcare coverage for their travels. While no one plans for accidents or illness while on vacation or traveling for business, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. This is especially true for people who travel frequently or who will spend extended periods of time outside of the country. This includes: 

Students Studying Abroad 

The opportunity to emerge yourself in another country while continuing your education is one few would pass up. But studying abroad takes more than just hoping on a plane for an adventure on the other side of the planet. Studying abroad requires quite a bit of paperwork, clearance to travel, and vaccinations. These steps are necessary to help protect you against the potential health threats one may be exposed to while outside of the country.  

International health insurance helps to provide additional protection in case of medical emergency. With an increased risk of illness or injury, students studying abroad benefit from being able to seek medical care when necessary without worrying about money. 

Traveling Journalists and Travel Writers 

Having a job that allows you to travel to different locations across the world sounds like a dream. However, the constant travel necessary for freelance journalists and travel writers can be draining and trying on the body and mind. Because their destinations may have increased risks for dangers diseases like Malaria or Ebola, these journalists and writers are ideal candidates for international medical insurance.  

International Business People 

Business is among the most common reasons people travel internationally, with many away from home for weeks at a time. While traveler’s insurance can protect monetary investments in travel expenses, international health insurance is also a wise investment. By keeping your health as a priority, it allows you to focus on what really matters instead. 


If the world is your home and you follow the call of adventure, international health insurance can help keep you wild and free. Backpacking across Europe or exploring the natural beauty of South America is a life-changing experience—but it shouldn’t be a life-threatening one. Protect yourself in case of medical emergency. International health insurance allows you to find the medical assistance you need no matter what country you are visiting.  

People with Chronic Health Conditions 

A chronic health condition or disability shouldn’t make the world inaccessible to you. While certain conditions require a different approach to planning your vacation or business trip, being able to see the world is an enriching, eye-opening experience for anyone. International health insurance helps people with chronic health conditions travel confidently by ensuring medical assistance should it prove necessary.  

If you or someone you love falls into any of these categories, contact Insurance Consultants International today for more information.