Why You Really Need International Health Insurance When Traveling Abroad

Here’s the scenario–you and your partner have just planned the honeymoon of your dreams—an authentic African Safari with lions and tigers and elephants galore–and you are staying in a rustic campground where you’ll interact with plenty of natives and eat the most interesting exotic food. It all sounds so exciting, doesn’t it? But what if one of you has an allergic reaction to the food or has a tripping accident or worse? When traveling abroad, you might not think that purchasing health insurance is necessary, especially if you are young and healthy. No one wants to ponder negative scenarios before they even head out on their vacation. But if you are journeying to a third world country where hygiene conditions and medical facilities might not be exactly what you are used to, wouldn’t you want to stay safe and healthy so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest? It’s definitely something to think about. When choosing an international insurance plan, you want to find an insurance company that will provide you with many options and one that ensures that you’ll have access to the best medical emergency treatment if need be. Going on an African Safari is a great once-in-a-lifetime adventure, so why take any undue risk with yours and your partners health? At Insurance Consultants International, we can provide you with a customized plan. What’s more, you can purchase a short-term or long-term plan so that you are covered no matter how long your stay. 

Will Medicare Cover a Health Emergency Overseas? 

Not likely. If you get sick while you are in another country, you want access to health services that you can trust and especially one that will definitely pay for all of your medical care when in a foreign land. When you purchase international health insurance, you can trust that the team of insurance specialists at Insurance Consultants International, will provide you with the guidance and support  to access the best doctors in that country .Alternatively, If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield or Medicare, don’t expect these insurance company to offer any help when you travel overseas. Both pay for services only in the United States with very little possibility of any international coverage. That being said, international insurance options are something to take seriously. 

How Do I Get Started? 

At Insurance Consultants International, customized attention is what we are known for. We are a boutique agency, which means you’re getting personalized attention, unlike some of the larger insurance agencies where you are just a policy number.  We can offer you unparalleled options from the highest quality international carriers. We have relationships with all of them and as such, can find the best premiums for you no matter your length of stay in your country of choice. You can feel confident in knowing that we guarantee that you are covered when traveling abroad, especially if you are an expatriate. Rest assured that we are the go-to agency for all your international insurance needs. It would be our pleasure to help you figure out your options. So, call us today at (954) 414-9845 to speak with one of our insurance specialists, or visit our informative website at www.insuranceagenthollywoodflorida.com. There you will find an array of quality health insurance products perfect for anyone planning a trip abroad.